Timber from the manufacturer in Chernigov

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Lumber from the manufacturer in Chernigov
One of the most popular materials in the construction is wood. A large number of different sawn timber is produced from wood, which are widely used in various industries and households.
The wide use of sawn timber (wood materials) is, of course, quite low prices for this type of materials, environmental friendliness, ease of use.

Lumber is produced from different types of wood. In our region, the most common type of wood from which lumber is made is coniferous, pine, spruce. Of hardwood, many lumber is produced from alder, linden.

One of the main factors affecting the quality of the lumber is the quality of the wood itself (billet). For trimming lumber, such as, wooden lining, block house, falshrus, floor board, tree trunks in diameter from 13 to 25 cm are selected. It is also necessary to make sure that the trunk is level without mechanical, fungal and other damages. The knuckle part of the trunk (the first cut from the root) is mostly discarded, since the structure of this cut does not allow producing high quality lumber.

To support the quality of sawn timber production, it is often necessary to go to the forest, to the cutting site, to control and select only the quality roundwood wood, from which good lumber will later be produced.

The next stage in the manufacture of sawn timber will be the sawing of the log wood into billets for sawn timber. The use of high-quality sawing equipment and the professionalism of the sawmillers makes it possible to maximize the use of round timber for cutting to blanks with the smallest waste.

Further, the billets for sawn timber undergo obligatory drying in special drying chambers. The selection of the correct drying regime in the future affects the quality of the finished products, because they affect the mechanical characteristics of wood, the non-transferability of its processing on the machines, deformation during use.

Dry timber cuttings are processed on the appropriate woodworking machines, at the output of which we obtain quality, ready-to-use sawn timber.