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To date, there are many ways to the flooring in the room or elsewhere, respectively, and there is a large number of different floor coverings. At the same time the most suitable for home, natural and environmentally friendly material is a tree. Wooden flooring is a recognized leader among the different types of flooring.

Flooring is treated lumber on three sides on a special machine. The front part of the floor boards is a smooth surface, the end side floor boards are planed in a groove (recess) on one side and a projection (tenon) on the other. Flooring resembles milled board, made from a single, massive piece of wood.

For the arrangement of the sexes, most often used in the floor board 28-50 mm thick, though the length of the floor boards is typically 4-6 meters.

Finished floor board should have a moisture content corresponding to the standards, because overdried flooring is very hard for assembly work, it is difficult to adjust and stitch, at the same time, the installation is not dry enough floor boards will result in gaps between the boards over time.

The material for the manufacture of flooring is a natural, environmentally friendly high-quality wood - without defects, knots, cracks or blackening.

Typically, the floor board is made of oak, ash, larch and pine. Slightly less common walnut, alder and aspen, because these rocks are not sufficiently solid. It is undesirable material for the manufacture of floorboards is wood species such as poplar or basswood.

How to choose a floor board?

When choosing flooring widths should take into account the design of the room. It is too narrow or wide floor boards are not always suitable for any interior.

Minimum thickness of the floor boards should be 21-22 mm. At a thickness of selected flooring influences the distance between the beams for laying flooring. At a distance greater than 70 cm., It is necessary to choose a floor board with a greater thickness.

Laying flooring.

There are two main ways of laying floor boards, which are most often used in practice:

1. Laying the floorboards "parquet" method.

With this installation, flooring installation takes place using an adhesive. The surface on which the stacked boards and floor board itself, in this method, must be perfectly smooth.

2. Laying the floor boards on the joists.

With this method, you need to initially install logs, which later laid flooring, it is also desirable to lay waterproofing coating.

Flooring has a number of specific advantages:

flooring is durable and reliable material resistant strains that can withstand constant sufficiently large load;

with proper care, floor board has a high durability, and will serve for many years;

performance heat and sound insulation of the floor boards are quite high;

flooring made from environmentally friendly materials Natural materials do not emit toxins and other harmful substances.